Ratings for new Kenyan rapper Kahush are set to skyrocket after he confirmed he is the son of Health Cabinet Secretary Mutahi Kagwe.

In an interview with a local radio station, Kahush said there is nothing to hide any more after he featured a photo of the CS in one of his songs.

“Mutahi Kagwe is my dad. It is pretty obvious because his picture is in the video. Yeah that is it,” Kahush said.

This is after investigative Kenyans noticed the CS’ photo hanging in one of the rooms from where Kahush shot his video.

The young man recently released a song he calls symptoms, probably riding on the ‘symptoms’ from the Corona virus pandemic.

It is this same pandemic that has put his dad on the world stage.

Kahush is based in London, but it seems the outbreak of the virus locked him up in Kenya.

He is not loud on social media as majority elite kids would do. Instead, his Instagram account indicates he is a laid back guy.

He also has a song dubbed Mi Siwezi which actually threw him into the limelight and made Kenyans curious about him

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