Stephen Mutiso Mulwa at Work in Kitengela Town.

If you live or reside in Kitengela Town it is more likely that you use BodaBoda Transport at least everyday and you rely on it to penetrate the dense network of estates that characterize Kitengela Environment.

In the recent past years the BodaBoda riders have been associated with illegal gangs, crime and general lawlessness and rowdy behavior from the operators; however the Riders have recently styled up and have transformed the way they operate once they realized that the venture is viable and is able to put food on the table.

Kitengela Town residents have benefited from this mode of transport as the riders ferry people across the vast estates with ease and on a 24 hour basis.

Kitengelabiznet had a one on one talk with the Chairperson of the Kitengela BodaBoda Riders Association Stephen Mutiso Mulwa on the current state of the BodaBoda industry and his achievements while in office and his projection since he was elected into office 7 months ago after a hotly contested election.

What can you say are some of the tangible achievements that you have been able to realize since you came into office?

We have managed to make a new constitution which we created in order to streamline he operations of the association, you see the previous officials were operating a Kangaroo style of and informal. So we streamlined the KBR (Kitengela BodaBoda Riders Association and we registered it at the ministry of social services. When I took over we had 118 and I am glad to say that today we are at 2600 registered members.

While in office also we have been met with the challenge of criminals pouncing on our members and killing and maiming them but I report today that we have been able to form a good working relationship with the security apparatus and it has enabled us to recover many motor cycle and it can be linked to proper documentation of the existing bikes and good working relationship with the Kitengela OCS AND THE Kajiado East Sub county administrator.

In addition I have also been able to recover twelve motorcycles through cooperation with other chairman like for example we such as the recently recovered motorcycles that was found in Ogembo Kisii County and Ugunja we have collaborated with their Chairman Isaac Momanyi in recovery.

How can you respond to the fact that several vehicles have been torched because of involved in an accident, how do you justify this.

You see some incidents have happened at an instant and I can refer to an incident where on e of our rider was knocked down near Club 411 and a vehicle was torched in the ensuing melee.

I can categorically state that the people involved in the burning of the vehicle but and thy are not or members but the rider who died was one of us with whom we buried at his home in western Kenya, I always try my best to arrive on time at the scene of an accident and involve the traffic police to be able to settle any incidents amicably without the need for despicable acts.

How do you finance the activities of the KBR and have you received any assistance from the elected officials.

Since we have just passed a new constitution and at the moment we have submitted a proposal together with the officials of the KBR to at least very member contributes a paltry   Kshs 100 every week so that we can be able to cater for the welfare of the members of the association because currently we depend on goodwill contributions from the riders who voluntarily donate towards the welfare.

In addition to the contribution we plan to expand the scope of the KBR welfare to include income generating activity such as a hearse and an ambulance to generate income.

I have personally approached the Kitengela MCA Paul Matuiya who promised to buy us a container so that we can set up an office as at the moment I operate freeway with no office but I just hold the documents in my hand.

What are some of the measures your office has taken that will increase the welfare of the riders is taken care of?

Currently we have ensured that the welfare of the riders has been taken care of as we have started a scheme that will all registered motorcycles riders who are registered and are our members have to declare the Owner of the motorcycle, the Rider of the Motorcycle, the stage and the number because  we currently have about 70 motorcycle stages.

I would also urge all motorcycle riders that despite there being a presence of about 4000 motorcycle riders in Kitengela only about have of that number are registered to any existing Sacco so I would also personally urge all riders to register with us.

So for how long will you be chairperson of the Riders?

I have been elected for a term of 5 years and which I promise the residents of Kitengela that I will deliver the service that I can to the best of my abilities; I would also like to add that the residents of Kitengela should be patient with the office because once I took office I found nothing, no structure, no nothing and this thus just like a child should learn to walk I will take time before we turn the organization into something credible and in turn we will make BodaBoda transport safe, reliable convenient for all residents of the town to enjoy.

By Julius Musungu

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