By Zack Omoro

“I have been thinking”

The words are repeated again from a deep voice; slowly, I remove my reading glasses and place the novel I have been reading on the side table. I am deliberate in all these man-oeuvres because the person who has muttered those words has not been known to be so strong in that department.

He is nineteen and was set to join the university in May delayed by the COVID 19 Issue. He has never in my life attempted to address me using a full statement. I looked at him again, I noticed he has had a sudden growth spurt and hey! Yes! He has a tuft of hair on the chin. Why hadn’t I noticed this before? I suppose, because our circadian rhythms are vastly different.

A  teenager with a modern hairstyle

Young Julio wakes up at midday. Yes, Midday, takes a hurried combined breakfast and lunch before ceremoniously combing his hair for four hours and jumping back to bed for another round of sleep.

He takes his dinner at two o’clock in the morning.

So understand my attention when he says “I have been thinking”

Finally he speaks- “You know that old house we have in Kitengela” I keep quiet, trying to get the drift of the thinking

 “It is big, with open spaces and fresh air” He continues “Why can’t you convert it to be an old people’s home”.

My glasses go back to the bridge of my nose and the novel I have been reading goes back to hide my face. 

Thinking indeed. Am I being tapped to be the first customer of that open airy place in Kitengela?

During this lockdown, God, take care of my friends. I will take care of my enemies.

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