The shift in Kenyans shopping behavior is a result of the current situation, but it also represents a big step in how companies think about service delivery. As most people get used to working from home and companies realize that it is not only possible but also effective to do so, it has resulted in rethink.

An Online e-commerce dealing with Jumia in Kitengela

Some companies are asking themselves if they even need to have a physical location and for most of them, things like travel will have to scrapped, even in the future.

Kenyans approach to remote ordering of their essentials was experimental. They tried it to see if it would work and they grew more confident with it as they continued to shop online. Even if the service was occasionally imperfect, it was still cheaper and more convenient than, say, having to physically shop for and transport your goods. They are now incorporating it into their daily behavior. They are balancing out their physical shopping with the online ordering, and this may well become the new normal.

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