By Kajiado Governor Press Service

Hon.Joseph Ole Lenku; Governor Kajiado County. and his Taita Taveta Granton Samoja counterpart have resolved a 50 year-old boundary dispute between two communities from both counties.

The boundary was reclaimed after both Governors formed a 22 member technical committee to resolve the dispute that had seen people from Taita Taveta occupy more than 2,000 acres of land of Rombo Group Ranch sparking regular flare ups between the communities.

This now becomes Governor Lenku’s second victory over endless land battles in the county after he rescued more than 170,000 acres of Oldonyonyokie group ranch in January whose title had been stolen by officials.

More than 3,600 members of Rombo group ranch land had been disposed off the land by farmers from Taita Taveta.

“We are proud we have resolved a dispute that is older than us.We have used our dispute resolution mechanisms to avoid court cases.I look forward to cohesion, peace and unity of people from both counties,” Lenku said.

Taita Governor Granton Samoja

Governor Samboja lauded the teams from both counties that helped resolve the row. “We are proud that our people now know which land belongs to them.We have agreed to cooperate on many other things,” said the Governor.

Kajiado and Taita Taveta Lands CEC Members Hamilton Parseina and Mwandawiro Mghanga urged the communities to respect the signed agreement.

The agreement stipulates that both County Governments will come to a consensus on how to deal with the encroachments of Rombo Group Ranch.

Both Governors pledged to host a 10 bull ceremony to celebrate the landmark agreement.

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