By Kiptanui Rutto

Nairobi County Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has offered to help pay KSh300,000 child-upkeep demanded from a retired Voi Based commander by a ‘Baby Mama’.

In his Facebook post titled: “THE VOI BASE COMMANDER WHO HANDCUFFED ME BECOMES A DEAD BEAT DAD”, Sonko said he doesn’t support domestic violence and condemns the use of violence in any relationship.

Part of the post read: “Pole sana my friend Mr. Mureithi, the recently retired Voi Base commander who forcefully handcuffed me with two pairs of handcuffs just to board a police chopper during my arrest at Voi.”

He said it is just a normal part of life and since the officer is now retired, he is willing to pay KSh 300,000 upkeep that the woman was awarded by the children’s court.

Flamboyant Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko

He also added that another officer who also man-handled him, has a kidney problem and was willing to help foot his medical expenses.

However, the post elicits mixed reactions from Kenyans others of support while others view it as sarcasm.

Kibet Julius Chi said: “Don’t be sarcastic if you truly mean to be good. A truly forgiving heart would do better to you than to those officers. God has forgiven you too many wrongs, you should jump on this opportunity to forgive these officers genuinely. Pull down this post because it is full of UGLY SARCASM/MOCKERY and not the BEAUTIFUL FORGIVENESS that could have come out of this moment.”

Peter Kaga lauded Sonko saying he is the real Man we need in our country, the way you stand with the poor people and needy family may God continue to bless your Wells never lack of something to help I wish one day to meet you I pray for your star always shine.

Swtz Ngesh Wine said the man should man up and pay child support while Mohamed Abdi Mohamed said the commander was acting on command and had no mistake in following that. He was diligently doing his work. He was just an ‘omena in the dolphin operation.’

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