A dispute over the allocation of 3 million shillings towards the youth for Kitengela almost threatened to derail the Budget and appropriations public participation forum held at the Maasai Discovery after a section of the participants raised a complaint against the allocation.

It took the intervention of the area Chief Alex Kang’ethe to restore order at the Maasai discovery for the session to continue. The chaotic public participation was characterized by heated arguments as members almost came to blows over the allocation to the wards.

A source confided to the Kitengelabiznet that the turf wars were tenderpreneurs and politicians keen on securing a piece of the cake in the event that the money is allocated to particular roads in their areas of jurisdiction

At one point a shouting match forced the Kitengela MCA Paul Matuyia, Kitengela East Ward Administrator Justus Metito to restore order.

The Public participation was split into two groups for easy management Olooitikoshi Location presented a sober approach but it was Kitengela ward that led to the disarray.

However calm was restored and here is the list of the areas that money has been allocated for development.

A total of 30 million shillings was allocated.Once again much of the 30 million shillings allocated will go towards road renovations and road repairs.

The allocation will come as a reprieve for many residents of Kitengela after some of the badly damaged roads were allocated.

  1. Sixers,Muthenya,Old Namanga Road, Gates-3 million
  2. Tropicana Road Bridge- 3.5 million
  3. Riverside road-2 million
  4. Kyangombe Road- from St. Monica towards Kyangombe-2 million

5.3T-Sokoni-St Monica Road-2 million

  1. Sarafina Road-1 million

Youth 1.5 million

  Olooitikoshi Location.

  1. Ereteti Toilet-2million
  2. Street Light Birika-1 million
  3. Renovation of Ereteti Dispensary St.Benaard Oseki
  4. Birika-Ostrich Road
  5. Dormitory Enkasiti Primary-2.5 million
  6. Orly –Birika-2million

Youth 1.5 million

Story: Ceasar Musungu

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