By Antony Oyugi
Kajiado County has in the past one month experienced a rise in COVID 19 cases with a daily average of 20 cases. This rise is generally attributed to the close proximity the county has to Nairobi which leads nationally in the number of cases. Kajiado is also bordered by Kiambu and Machakos Counties that are also reporting high numbers. The Kenya  Tanzania border is also a high-risk area mainly because of the casual manner in which Tanzania is reacting to the pandemic.
The latest media reports are highlighting the fact that counties bordering Nairobi including Kajiado are the new COVID 19 hotspots.  This is a cause for worry going by the way the government reacts to crises. Can a lockdown be imposed in Kajiado and what would be the conséquences?
Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku inspecting the Namanga Border point quarantine facility.
A lockdown will be catastrophic to Kajiado. Being a dormitory county to many people who work in Nairobi they may be forced to vacate from residential areas. Ngong Kitengela and Ongata Rongai will be reduced to ghost towns. No tenants mean lower rents and lower-income to landlords. The local tourism sector particularly the Amboseli National Park will also be affected and this will lead to job losses not just horizontally but also vertically.
The county’s economy will basically collapse. All we can pray for is that we do not get there

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