A 3 month old baby escaped death narrowly after it was rescued from a raging inferno that erupted at Kitengela Town at Kyang’ombe estate midday today.

Hundreds of Kitengela residents will spend the night in the cold after the fierce fire gutted down several houses in  destroying property worth thousands of shillings.

I took the intervention of the Kitengela fire Brigade to quell the fire.According to a residents Anne Mbugua,the cause of the fire is unknown but it expanded after a gas cylinder in one of the houses exploded.

The houses that were destroyed

“The fire began without notice but when one of the cylinders in the houses exploded it caused a massive explosion that pushed up the flames to consume other houses it was just a narrow escape after the child was rescued by a concerned Neighbor” Mbugua said.

Luckily no one was injured in the inferno.The toddler has been taken to Kitengela Sub County hospital.

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