Samantha! Samantha and just in case you are wondering who Samantha is, allow me to inform that Samantha isn’t  the name of the girl next door or your usual drama queen about the estate but Samantha is the Artificial  Girl that has taken the imagination of Kenyan men  way beyond the roof.

Just to keep you in the Know, Samantha is a life size artificial Doll that has been invented by Brazilian inventor Sergi Santos over a period of five years and released late last year. The doll is made from fine silicon and it’s meant to suit the intimate desires its male adult owners. Reportedly, it uses artificial intelligence and capable of cracking jokes and even talk to the owner; according to the manufacturer’s website The doll retails for about Ksh450000 and  can also be customize to suit one desires and shapes and sizes.According top a BBC documentary program – Can Robots Love us? , Sergi Santos the inventor of the doll alleges the men will fall easily in love with the doll.

“They will fall in love with her, its already happening” Santos says.The inventor goes on to demonstrate how the doll can be put in the right mood for intimacy.In the documentary Samantha would very well replace your usual companion as it responds to questions posed by its owner.

How are you Samantha?

Samantha: I am fine and you.

Interestingly according to its maker the robot can discuss issues ranging from weather, sports and even politics. According to Santos the robot is fitted with an artificial intelligence brain that responds well to touch and stimuli and even interestingly the robot has to be approached in a rather delicate manner.

The Robot has over 1000 joke in its memory and its designed to keep their owners also laughing.

In Kenya opinion is divided among the many owners of this Robot with some women portending that the robot is a welcome relief and they would rather their men make use of Samantha than cheat on them. Christine Adhiambo portends that she would rather her man cheat on the doll than with another woman.

“I think its worth it that its better for my man to cheat with me with the doll rather than with the doll” Adhiambo said. Other Kenyans reacted to the news in a humorous way with some saying. A blogger Erastus Evanson said that “wait until someone gets electrocuted ndio watajua hawajui” Evanson wrote in reaction to the story.

Some men are of the opinion that the toy can be used as long as a person is comfortable with it but the fact that such conventional  toys are accepted  in Kenya the Samantha bit many view it as taking things a bit too far and it will probably take a bit of time before its is accepted on the Kenyan scene.

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