Kitengela Biznet interviewed the proprietor of Ashen Books – The market leader in Jumia services in Kitengela. These are the excerpts:

What is JUMIA?

JUMIA is a foreign company with its headquarters based in Lagos, Nigeria but presently has international connections. Today it is the largest online retail shop in Kenya with a vibrant retail programme geared to enable Kenyans make money online.

Ashen Books agent serving a customer.

How to become a JUMIA Agent

JUMIA does not require any capital in order to become an agent. The first step is to register by following this Link;

When you register, JUMIA will accept you into their affiliate programme. After this you are required to source for clients who are expected to make orders and once the products are sold, you the JUMIA agent get a commission.

What do you mean by affiliate programme?

Affiliate in this sense means partner, agent or associate. In essence you as a JUMIA agent act on behalf of JUMIA. By promoting her products and making money for the main JUMIA, you also are earning money as a commission.  To be an affiliate, all you need is to have decent online traffic (website visitors). This can be through your website, your Youtube channel, Facebook page, Twitter account and other social media sources popular with Kenyans.

Promote JUMIA through regular product reviews on your website and link it to the hottest products on JUMIA Ke, such as smartphones and laptops. The JUMIA Kenya affiliate programme is free to join and you can become a wealthy affiliate just by promoting the items sold on JUMIA online. Affiliate marketing is one of the quick ways to make money online in Kenya.

With JUMIA online shopping in Kenya, you can even buy books, baby stuff, clothes, shoes and other fashion items from the comfort of your home. Jumia Kenya delivers to all counties in Kenya, which gives their affiliates a nationwide reach.

Any other ways to make money by JUMIA?

You can also make money through displaying JUMIA items on your shop, allowing for potential customers to view them and make orders. Once the product is delivered to your shop you sell it to the customer at a commission with some items garnering commissions of up to 20% per sale.

How is the uptake of JUMIA in Kitengela?

It has been generally slow but with the COVID-19 forcing many people to work from homes and the restricted curfew timings many residents are opting for ordering items by Jumia.

Ashen Books is the leading JUMIA agent in Kitengela and is housed at Olive Business Centre, second floor. You can reach them on 0721153618

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