By Kiptanui  Rutto

Manchester United rival fans took to the Social Media to register their displeasure over decisions made by the referees during Crystal Palace verses the Red Devils.

Crystal Palace was not awarded a penalty after winger Wilfried Zaha picked up the ball and dribbled into the United’s box where he was tackled by Victor Lindelof in the first half of their Premier League clash against United.

Before getting a slight touch on the ball, Lindelof appeared to staple the back of Palace winger’s leg but the referee waved away the Zaha’s protests.

Wilfried Zaha is tackled by Victor Lindelof during their game at Selhurst Park. Photo / COURTESY

The decision was upheld despite a quick check from the Video Assistant Referee (VAR), much to the disgust of the Palace players.

To the fans of Roy Hodgson’s side and those against Manchester United, the decision was not right and here are their opinions.

FutbolChelsea @FutbolCheIsea wrote: “So they didn’t check VAR for the Zaha foul in the box but they straight away checked the Ayew offside. VAR is a joke.” He added: “Of course Palace don’t get their deserved penalty after a foul on Zaha and then United go up the other end and score. You’re delusional if you think United aren’t the luckiest club in the league.”

Oladipupo kayodeGem stone @super_kay001 posted a VAR screen with the writings –Whatever Manchester United Want- saying another name for Manchester United is VARchester United.

In support of Oladipupo, Hasan Hussain @HasanHussain07 said VARchester United Strikes again and another one bites the dust this time being Crystal Palace! He wrote: “Looking back at the Zaha incident you can straight away tell it’s a penalty…I’m surprised the referee didn’t give it because he wasn’t far from it and to make things worse for Palace, United score a few minutes later! That’s one of those clichés of VAR going with a bigger team!”

Mishaq @Mishaq__ asked: “Tell me how that’s not a penalty please” in a post accompanied by a video. BenchWarmers @BeWarmers said “Pretty sure that was a penalty on Zaha but wasn’t looked at by VAR?”

Referees view

However, Peter Walton – former professional football referee- says Crystal Palace should have been given a penalty against Manchester United but that VAR was not involved as it was not a clear error.

Former Referee Peter Walton. Photo /Getty Images

Referee Graham Scott waved play on and the VAR official opted against calling play back to award a spot kick, despite replays clearly showing contact between Zaha and the Manchester United defender.

“If a player takes the ball and the player at the same time, then yes, it’s a foul,” Walton said adding that it should’ve been given as a penalty kick.

Other football professionals like Rio Ferdinand and Robbie Savage were also surprised by the referee’s decision not to award a penalty for a tackle on Wilfried Zaha. Rio said that the connection was strong enough for Palace to be asking questions over why it was not given.

Manchester United’s win was crucial in the race for Champions League qualification. They now have equal points with Leicester City who are fourth place on the table and it is a pressure to Chelsea who are third in the table.

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