By Terry Mbata

Majority of men love football but only a small percentage of women get football well, that is a fact. Women just never get why men are so into football so much and this is where the problem comes. World Cup comes every four years and luckily for men, it is happening in 2018 and unluckily for women, it is here and yet again it has come with its very own nightmares. Am talking about being a widow for a whole month meaning that the women will barely see their men and when they do see each other, they will never get along well just because of addiction to watching men in shorts running on a field.

Some few weeks before the world cup started, women were being talked into letting their men enjoy the world cup moment by surrendering the remote to them, supporting the teams that their spouses support and not interrupting or holding small talks during the game because women have always been known to make it impossible for the men to watch the games at home. But the truth is the women are just afraid to lose their men’s attention and affection during world cup month.

Amanda has been married for three years and she has already become a world cup widow. Majority of men prefer watching the game outside where the fellow men are leaving their wives and girlfriends all alone. However, there are some few who prefer watching at home. Johannes, Amanda’s husband likes to stay at home. This decision turns into a nightmare for Amanda when he disrupts the peace at home and reaps off the sleep of their two-year-old baby since all he does is shouting, jumping up and down and getting drunk. When their team loses he gets angry even at his wife, drink heavily and sometimes he does not even talk to her at all yet it’s not even her wife’s fault they lost. No woman can condone this kind of behavior, therefore, heated arguments arise and the couple says hurtful words to one another and gives each other silent treatment. The man is forced to watch the match at a club.

Some men do not even like football much but due to the circumstances, they will use the phrase ‘I was watching World Cup’ as an excuse for lying about their whereabouts and cheating on their wives and girlfriends. Amanda is forced to cater for all the financial needs during the world cup period whereas he spends so much money getting drunk and betting for the games. But she misses her man who is absent physically, mentally and even emotionally whereby he has no time for her.

However, women have come up with remedies during the world cup period. This is not only the period for men to hang out and drink together but also for women to have some fun girl’s time and catch up on gossip. Amanda Engages herself in fun activities such as going on a low-cost day trip with her baby, walking in the park, visiting friends and treating herself to the spa for a massage, pedicure, and manicure that not only makes her look beautiful but also makes her feel relaxed as a way of killing her loneliness.

World Cup period redirects all the attention of men from their women to the game. Women have to sit around for a whole month and wait for the games to end and their men to come to senses again. They lose their men completely. Becoming a widow during World Cup period makes women hate football even more.

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