By Antony Oyugi


Communities living along borders of Kiambu and Kajiado counties have been warned against the violence that has been experienced along the border in recent days.

Speaking when he deployed additional security personnel along the border, Kiambu County Commander Ali Nuno urged the two communities to observe peace and live peacefully as neighbors observing that the government is committed to ensuring the security of everybody and their property.

Kiambu County Commissioner Ali Nuno : Photo Courtesy

The tension was high recently at Ndeiya unknown raiders raided the village and about 80 stole livestock in the village prompting members of the other village to mobile for a return attack. It only took the intervention of Kiambu Governor James Nyoro to calm the people down and avert a possible disaster.

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The border has seen an escalation in clashes with one side accusing their neighbors of cattle rustling and attacking members of their community while the other claims that they have been attacked while seeking pasture for their livestock.

According to James ole Tirapit a youth leader from Kajiado County, they’ve always lived peacefully with their neighbors including those who bought land and settled in Kajiado County.

The latest victim of the clashes is a 28-year-old man who was lynched as he chased away livestock from his land.

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