Police have launched investigations after the bodies of two children (Alvina Mutheu and Henry Jacktone) were found hidden in the boot of a car at Athi River Police Station on Tuesday, June 30. 

According to Athi River police boss Catherine Rigera, the children had been reported missing on June 11. The two were classmates at Shaun Academy in Athi River where they were described as best friends.

Alvina Mutheu and Henry Jacktone who had been reported missing on June 11, 2020 FACEBOOK


The bodies were discovered after a businessman went to collect his detained car and reported a foul smell emanating from the boot of the car. 

It remained unclear how the two reached the boot of the car as the car was in custody at the police station since march 4th.

Police are yet to establish how the two bodies were tucked inside the vehicle that had been in police custody since March 4. 

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