By Zack Omoro

Late last week President Uhuru Kenyatta as Commander in Chief of the Kenya defence Forces made major changes with the top leadership of the KDF. Notably, the chief of Defence Forces (CDF) General Samson Mwathethe handed over the reins of power to Lieutenant General  Robert Kibochi.General Kibochi has been the Vice CDF for the last two years.

The Kenya Defence Forces Logo

Following these changes, there were some calls from some Maa political leadership within Kajiado County expressing some dissatisfaction with the changes in the military  as they had hoped that the present commander of the Kenya Army Lt-Gen Walter Koipaton was also ripe enough to assume the command of the Kenya Defense Organs. Walter Koipaton hails from Kajiado County and has been in uniform since 1982.


The calls for General Koipaton to take over the reins while understandable are however not commendable.The military is a closed society and can be described as a “nation within a nation” with some set standards and structures which control who or when one is to be promoted or appointed.

 As it is, Kajiado needs to console itself that their own son remains among the four top commanders of the KDF and is still young enough to continue serving in that rank and appointment for the next couple of years. It is therefore idle to speculate in this regard and Kajiado must therefore wait.


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