By Zack Omoro


No words can fully describe the violent action of the police officers done in the full glare of the cameras. It was traumatic, barbaric, and archaic.  Like any other person of goodwill I, too condemn wholeheartedly the incident. It was wrong.

But then, I too take a pause and look keenly at the Police officers involved and would pick on one of the senior police officers in the squad. He wore the ranks of a superintendent, which in essence means he is a mature man who by dint of training and experience has seen it all. Age-wise, and probably culturally as in the African setting, the young MCA could ideally be his daughter’s age mate, daughter in law, or even granddaughter.

From the clip, the action of this senior officer was not an act of maintaining law and order, it seemed to be personal. As against his training, he had become emotionally tied to his victim.

So what made him act this way because if anything, the rest of the MCAs and the Council executives had read the signs and conveniently sought safety? What would make four well-fed police officers act without restraint, descend and clobber such a hapless victim?

Patricia Mutheu soon after being discharged from hospital/photo/Youtube

Could it be she was spewing venomous words against the officers aware that she was in the full glare of the cameras and that if it the issue went overboard she would always draw out the “Woman card”?

Words from some people can be hurting and especially when scornfully delivered from a young lady to a relatively older man.  In some cases, Reason evaporates from the menfolk, and instinct evolved through the cultural rite of passage induction takes over.

I am keen to know – What words had Patricia Mutheu uttered to these police officers leading to their open violent action?

I submit that the MCA in way too stands accused.

2 thoughts on “If you rattle a Snake-The case of Patricia Mutheu

  1. Daniel K. Muinde says:

    Quite a barbaric act of an officer close to a rank of a Police Commissioner. He got a dismissal Letter some years back but appealled for reinstatement. Reasons behind the dismissal then, now explains his character. Nevertheless you don’t respond to a mosquito bite with a hammer, a clobber or a gun for that matter!

  2. PHILIP DACHO says:

    No words uttered by Patricia can justify this heinous act. Truth is Police Service has mutated to Police Force. I condemn the officers’ action in the strongest terms possible. They should be brought to book!

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