By Kiptanui Rutto

Felix Orinda  alias DJ Evolve is living the hard way almost 6 months after allegedly being shot at a close range by a Nairobi legislator in a high-end club in Nairobi’s Kilimani area.

The incident captured on a CCTV could go unpunished as fears rumored the legislator could buy his freedom as the Director of Public Prosecutions Noordin Haji remains steady that Dj Evolve will soon record statement since his health has improved.

Dj Evolve narrating his story.

Currently, DJ Evolve is numb from his mid-torso down. He is receiving treatment at home as he holds onto hope that things will turn around and he’ll return to the DJ decks.

As he spoke during an interview with one of the Tv stations, Kenyans throng social media with different opinions while other judging and sentencing the MP on twitter over the incident.

Mark Masai, one of the leading TV News anchor said the MP shot him, at close range. The bullet went through his neck, touching his spine on exit, leaving him paralyzed. 6 months later, #DJEvolveSpeaks on his status and journey.

Bravin Yuri registered his disappointment saying it is really heartbreaking to see how DJ Evolve’s condition is. The MP should really be ashamed of himself. He can’t even move, talk, his fingers aren’t as well as before. This crashes my heart.

“Can’t hold my tears. DJ Evolve can’t do anything for  himself, and  the MP is still walking  freely. Who will arise to give Justices to  common  Mwananchi? The MP, tears of a Mom is a curse. Justice delayed is Justice denied.” Laali Marie wrote.

On his part, Dennis Kiplimo said DJ Evolve’s life was ruined by a single bullet. Justice was never served because the shooter is influential and protected by our rotten judicial system. Anyway, I am hopeful a time will come when oppression and denial of justice to the common Mwananchi will stop!

Fridah Ke held that watching how Dj Evolve struggling is so painful. Pensive face you can feel the pain in his mother’s voice yet the MP walks around free.

Dj Evolve before he was shot.

In his  view, Cymoh stated that the MP is walking freely whereas DJ Evolve can’t even make a complete sentence as he speaks, as I am watching this, it makes me sick on realizing that justice in Kenya doesn’t apply to the poor ones! The MP should be in prison as we speak! He is a killer.

Robi Chacha opined removal of the MP asking, anyone here who is registered voter in the constituency? I am willing to draft a petition for the removal of the MP as per Article 104 & the Elections Act.  I’m sure we can mobilize the required 30% in constituency and 15% in a Ward. Who’s in?

“The most painful part ni vile mama wa Dj Evolve amesema “sijawai ona babu mimi”. He couldn’t even visit her. Justice Delayed is Justice Denied,” wrote Fridah Kendi.

Queen Gathoni asked: “Guys, is there nothing we can do as members of the public to get Dj Evolve justice? Are you telling me our voices are not enough to get the MP rotting in jail?”

Lord Socrates said the MP should lose his parliamentary seat & face jail time. DCI & ODPP should stop massaging his ego. No one is above the law. Period!

In his opinion, ItsKiprotich said he will never say the courts or the entire Judiciary is free until this case of DJ Evolve is reviewed and the MP sentenced for life. The MP shot DJ Evolve at the glare of the cameras. No rocket science is needed to rule on the case.

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