By Julius Musungu


An Anti-Stock Theft Camp will be set up along the Kajiado-Kiambu borderline to help end livestock theft in the area and help avert any possible flare-up of armed conflicts in the area.

In a meeting peace meeting held today at the Bomas following a flare-up of conflicts along the border of Kajiado and Kiambu at Ndeiya where one man was killed and threatened the peace and tranquility of the two border counties.

The meeting that brought together key leaders from the two counties Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku and his Kiambu counterpart James Nyoro agreed with the proposal submitted by Rift Valley Regional coordinator George Natembeya and Central Regional Coordinator Wilfred Nyagwanga.

Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku adressing the intercounty peace meeting that brought leaders from Kajido and Kiambu at the Bomas of Kenya./Photo Governors Press Service

In a statement sent to newsrooms and posted on his official social media accounts, Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku blamed the flare-up on criminal elements and said the camp will act as a deterrence to any such future ganglike activities.

“We regret that a young man has so far lost his life. It is unfortunate that the work of a few livestock thieves is threatening the peace that has been there for decades,” Lenku said.

He said the disagreements among residents would be resolved because all elected leaders and the entire security machinery were committed to the coexistence of the people.

Kiambu Governor James Nyoro said the peace of the two communities along the Kajiado and Kiambu counties cannot be sacrificed in favor of anything else and pledged to support all the peace efforts at the troubled boundary.

“We have shared so much as the people of the two communities. Personally, I have a history with the people of Kajiado. We shall work with the elders to enhance peace. We are happy at the trading activities that happen between the communities,” Nyoro said.

Kajiado and Kiambu County Security Committee members attended the meeting as well as MPs Peter Mwathi( Limuru), Kimani Ichungw’a ( Kikuyu), Paul Koinange (Kiambaa), Joseph Manje( Kajiado North and George Sunkuyia ( Kajiado West).


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