Recent events especially over the weekend during Mama Hannah Mudavadi’s memorial service and the ensuing burial may have helped reshape the Luhya Nation politics.

There was Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja who went public with his connection to the Mudavadi family.  As to why he had to wait for this long to disclose that he is Musalia’s nephew that’s upon him. Former Lugari MP Cyrus Jirongo couldn’t waste the chance to throw jibes at Deputy President William Ruto. His speech was punctuated with very loud undertones to the effect that the DP is more or less of a professional mourner who frequents funerals of prominent members of the Luhya nation not to mourn and condole with them but to play politics.

President Uhuru Kenyatta Speaking during the Burial of Mama Hannah Mudavadi at Mululu Village,Vihiga County Photo/PSCU

On the day of Mama Hanna’s burial the most politically significant address was by President Uhuru Kenyatta who gave a literal dress down to his Deputy. The latter had talked about the now common debate about dynasties ruling this country.  He was preaching his hustler gospel right in front of his boss who has rebuked him on several occasions about the hustler argument.  Uhuru seems to have gotten fed-up and decided to throw the  spanner to the works by stating that if we’re keen about taking hustlers then let’s also talk about having another tribe beyond Kikuyus and Kalenjins doing their relay around the Presidency.

This pronouncement was met by both shock and excitement.

Deputy President William Ruto at a Church Service./Photo Facebook

The mourners in attendance were excited mainly because the good percentage came from the Luhya nation.  Maybe they saw this as an endorsement of one of their own to succeed Uhuru in 2022. If you place this event in context with the meetings held between Uhuru and a section of ANC leaders including Musalia and Lugari MP Ayub Savula and the press conference thereafter by ANC legislators where they asked Deputy President William Ruto to resign or he gets impeached if he can’t respect President Uhuru Kenyatta, you will appreciate that there may be a secret deal between Uhuru and Musalia. Will Musalia stand up and be counted as the first President from the Luhya nation?

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