By Antony Oyugi 
“This situation will help us know who is pretending to be with us during the day but goes against us at night”- Muranga Senator and Senate Majority Whip Irungu Kangata.
The current standoff in the Senate over-allocation of revenue to the counties seems to be as a result of such unfortunate positions and statements.  It seems there are Senators who have formed an Us vs Them mentality in this crisis. There seems to be a feeling of entitlement amongst some Senators, especially from the One Vote One Shilling camp that it’s either their way or the highway.  These Senators are not ready to dialogue or compromise with their colleagues generally from the pastoralist and coastal counties. Meru Senator Mithika Linturi has made a very sober proposal and there’s no persuasive reason why it can’t be embraced. It seems that to some Senators this is about selfishness grandstanding and showing muscle.
For us to resolve this situation the One Vote One Shilling team must step down from their high horse position.  They need to appreciate that without compromise and a middle ground then we’ll be stuck here for a very long time. What this means is that the cash crisis affecting counties at the moment may get exacerbated. County staff will not be paid.  Essential projects and services will stall if not already stalled.  This coming at a time when we have a pandemic in our hands may spell doom especially for counties like Nairobi Kiambu Mombasa Kajiado and Machakos that are most affected. Senators shouldn’t let the common Mwananchi suffer due to myopic selfish stubbornness

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