by Zack Omoro
Today marks the eighth anniversary since the demise of Prof George Saitoti from a plane crash at Ng’ong in the outskirts of the city.Coincidentally, the weather 8 years ago today resembles the cold cloudy morning being experienced in Kitengela and the outskirts today.
The late  professors  factory settings were clearly academic and he admirably maintained the scholarly bearing despite being forced into the murky national politics.His estate within Kitengela precincts continues to be epitome of lordly splendor. As one mourner  eulogized him that by his demise the country was ”  truly robbed of a most gallant son. George’s brilliance, intellect and wisdom would have been priceless today.  So what tangent could this country have taken if Saitoti had not died?
1. He probably could have been the fourth  president of this country considering the deep pockets he had.
Cabinet officials wheel the coffin of Kenya’s internal security minister George Saitoti during his burial ceremony at his farm in Kitengela, south of capital Nairobi June 16, 2012.
2. His doctoral dissertation ” The algebraic properties of Zero”  flies over many well read heads, therefore this emphasis as a national leader would probably be in the education sphere.
3. Kitengela or maybe Kajiado  would probably have had a modern airstrip. Saitoti had once been heard to quip that he wanted a personal airstrip on his farm.
4. The professor  was deeply involved in the flower industry, for this reason, the horticultural industry  could have bloomed.
The Crash Scene where Prof. George Saitoti died.

5. The professor had been fully embraced by the Maa community. This is a positive mood in our ethnically fractured politics, this adoption by the Maasai could have been a perfect referent point for the entire country.
6. Prof Saitoti’s famous refrain during a Kanu delegates conference just before the 2002 general election ; “There comes a time when the country is bigger than any one of us.”remains strong in our political circles. What other quip could he have framed?

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