The Benga Artiste began feeling unwell last week after a trip to Nairobi and samples have been taken from the body for tests.The late Onyango, known for his provocative Ohangla love Songs, died at St.Jairus Hospital at dawn yesterday.He was admitted on June 10 at 6 pm. Cause Unclear :The cause of his death remained unclear although some relatives said he suffered a bout of pneumonia and cough before he Succumbed.

Star Laid to Rest at 2 am in the Morning

After a day long battle with Police Benga Star A Beeny Jachiga was buried by police at 2am on Saturday morning.

On Friday evening, thousands of mourners pelted police with stones and managed to stop the burial of the singer.

After removing the casket from the grave just before the police could cover it, they walked with the body around the village before taking it to the nearest hospital, St Elizabeth Chiga Missionary Hospital.

Following a long day of high drama and battles with the police, officers removed the body from the facility’s morgue at around 1.41 am on Saturday.

Only his younger brother Austin Omondi, who the police called to identify the body at the morgue, was allowed to stand by the graveside at that time.


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