By Wangui Njeri

When I heard of Kitengela, I was eager to visit the place but some stories about distance, dust, salt water could make one cancel his dream to be here.

But the money aspect of it stacked in my mind. It instilled hope of being rich, meeting rich people, dating the rich and above all meeting the ‘rich’ itself. And for a jobless woman like me then, you just grab the hope and run for the town.

The day visited the place I was nauseated; blame the long journey and yes, the dusty! Nothing looked like money. Nothing looked like riches except for the big cement companies on the way. Business really did not really look like a place to make money, people themselves had dusty clothes, roads too did not paint a picture of a place with money maybe the Kitengela Mall. It was just an endless view of the dusty.

Kitengela Mall, one of the modern malls in Kitengela town. Photo/ Kitengela Biznet

But it is true, nothing comes on a silver platter. Yes, the claims of rich people were true. I realised that this money comes with the dusty ‘demeanour’ and you realize dusty money is still money and beyond that, when dust settles you will see endless opportunities, that makes the money.

I have loved not Kitengela yet but what it presents to me. I am grateful for the town in the dust, it is a sign of true transition.

For the first few months when I got my job in the city, I commuted to and from Kitengela. I love being alone and the long commutes were almost peaceful. I was almost alone with books, music and my thoughts. I loved it entirely and I will miss it so much.

Meeting new people who encourage me about the ‘Kitengela money’ and how it has opened many doors for them was like a sweet drug to me, I enjoyed as it also encouraged me. Stories of ordinary people with businesses that started humble, others, well I haven’t met them, with multimillion businesses driving their 4 wheel drive surfs, others with dusty overcoats and mini-lorries carrying about their merchandise will refuel your hope back a million times. I wanted the stories to be about me, that is the beauty of the journey.

So now I am a Kitengela dweller, living one answered prayer of being here. Now it is time to move on to the trying part of life, a business that can be turned to passion and that high grade cash for sure. That is the dream yet to come true.

One of the new developing road network in Kitengela town. Photo/ Kitengela Biznet

The dream like those who have saw the opportunity to supply fresh water making a bank out of it. I am sure that there is a rich Pajero woman or a dusty mini-van guy off fresh water supply and that is Kitengela.

I am a hopeful hardworking woman hoping her ‘Kitengela’ will be a successful thriving place too and be the queen of something that is good to her pockets and above all for her soul too.

Be good to us Kitengela!

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