By Kiptanui  Rutto

As nurses, clinical officers pharmaceutical technologists and medical lab officers submit their documents to Nairobi Metropolitan Services (NMS) at KICC, Kenyans have have taken to the social media to question the state of the County on health sector as a middle age woman’s video surfaces delivering outside Pumwani Hospital.

Nairobi Health workers submits their documents to NMS. Photo Courtesy

In a viral video, the woman is seen being helped by some citizens at the hospital’s gate after being not attended to by nurses due to what is purportesd to be a go-slow.

But according to Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris, the incident happened a week ago. She said her office is tracing the family to make sure they are well.

“Pumwani Hospital informs me that the incident took place a week ago, and that nurses eventually attended to mother and baby who are currently doing fine. It’s imperative that gaps in our healthcare systems are sealed, starting with grievances that lead to go-slows,” Passaris posted on her Twitter account.

However, Netizens question the actions of NMS who have come out to apologize over the incident. David Mutai questioned the whereabouts of Maj-Gen. Mohamed Badi and the Nairobi Metropolitan Services when such incidences are happening.

TV host Willis Raburu said: “I don’t have all the facts, but it’s painful to watch! She is a mother yet I doubt we will see helicopters and demonstrations for this mother, we may not even hear one leader speak. SAD!”  adding that he watched the disturbing video of a pregnant lady outside Pumwani Maternity hospital.

The Wajinga Nyinyi poet and song writer King Kaka said: “This is so disturbing. While the government is having inner wars , our mothers are dying because they can’t get a simple service like giving birth. We are becoming statistics in the eyes of our greedy politicians. This is happening in 2020. Pumwani Hospital. Wajinga Nyinyi”.

Syombua Kibue, a sports fanatic stated ‘Ng’ombe mbili zikipigana, nyasi huumia’ saying while senate and governors are busy fighting, women who expect services from hospitals like Pumwani are being turned away.

Screenshot of some tweets.

“I am here expecting all the politicians and especially the female politicians that came out demanding Respect for Mothers, to come out to fight for her and all mothers being denied hospital service as we speak. We expect you to hit the streets in demonstration and demand better,” she wrote.

FIDA-Kenya through a Tweet condemned the incident saying the act is against human rights. FIDA wrote: “It is time we woke up to matters maternal and reproductive health”.

During the submissions, NMS said those health workers who have stagnated for nine years will be promoted three job groups while those stagnated for six years promoted two job groups and one job group if stagnated below six years.

Kitengela and its environs are not left out as such cases could be happening but never sees the light. Let us know your views and experiences on our comment section.

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