By Kiptanui Rutto

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja’s name goes viral on Social Media again for the wrong reasons. The Hash Tag Shame On Sakaja (#ShameOnSakaja) topped Kenya Trends on Twitter for the better part of the day as Netizens accused him of what they are going through being the consequences of his acts.

Nairobi Senator Johnson Sakaja. Photo Courtesy

Ban of the sale of alcohol being one of the reasons and proposing a motion to counter Commission of Revenue Allocation( CRA)’s sharing formula was another.
Barely a week after the Senator was arrested at a bar while drinking way past the curfew hours, President Uhuru Kenyatta quashed the new rules that were in place.
The ban of alcohol sale in pubs, bars and restaurants will see more than 20,000 joints shut rendering more than 300,000 Kenyans jobless affecting over 2 million dependents countrywide.
On the other reason, Nairobians said the CRA sharing formula that was translated to ‘One Man- One Vote- One Shilling’ agenda could have been a benefit to the County. Sakaja who had sponsored an alternative motion said it is about the entire country moving forward and about every Kenyan having the same access to opportunities.
During the heated debate, Mutahi Ngunyi had a word for the young Senator. He wrote: “To MY YOUNG friend Sakaja: “…The ONLY time you START from the TOP is when you are DIGGING a HOLE”. Be SUSPICIOUS always, when you are at the TOP!”
Bigwig Mustafa said Johnson Sakaja messing in a span of one week: Alcohol was banned because of him, He voted to reject revenue allocation Bill, counties have no money, Nairobi could have received close to two extra billion, but he voted for his tummy, Lied that he wasn’t arrested.
Jean Wangari stated that the scam bag Sakaja was elected from the gutters by us, Nairobi residents, but he is the first in line at Senate to deny what Nairobians deserve most, services and more funding.
Machungwa Machu said Sakaja Arthur Kosgei is a BETRAYER and SELLOUT. He betrayed Nairobians by denying them more resources. He betrayed Bar owners by being drunk and disorderly. He betrayed his own party Jubilee by shooting down Jubilee’s One Man One Vote One Shilling agenda.
However, some of his supporters came to his rescue. Don Albert console with him saying Twitter warriors only fight you when you are doing something right, keep up the good fight.
Steven Rono said the Senator had the best thought-out argument for his vote choice and he stole the show. This is the narrative to water that down.
Abuodha Kabuoro lauded him saying: “Shikilia tu hapo Jonso… na hawa wakijaribu kufrustrate ndio watajua Kenya ni ya hao machokosh wamelala njaa kwa chwom hapo karibu na Malindi dishes.”
Entertainment and Restaurants are among the hard hit sectors. The state has ban consumption of alcohol inside their premises allowing restaurants to sell food from 9am to 4pm.
Alice Opee, Chairperson Pubs, Entertainment and restaurants Association of Kenya (Perak) had recently oppose the plan saying they have gone through a lengthy and tedious process and incurred cost between KSh250,000 and KSh1 million per individual operators to reopen their operations.

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