The High Court in Kajiado yesterday (25th January) upheld the election of Kajiado Governor Joseph Ole Lenku after a petition that was filled challenging his election was thrown out.

It was jubilation for supporters of the Governor as the petition was struck out after a long time considering that the case would not have proceeded to its final judgment since its initial petitioner the loser in the Last Gubernatorial Election Dr. David Nkedianye pulled out his case and opted to support Ole Lenku’s Governorship.


However victory for Lenku did no come too soon yet as the case was also subsequently resubmitted by former Jubilee Man turned NASA Supremo Taraiya Ole Kores who opted to continue to challenge Lenku’s win despite the fact that the main challenger in the last concluded election David Nkedianye had pulled out of the case.


With Thursdays nullification Taraiya Ole Kores Will now pay  a total of 5 million shillings.

It was then that Taraiya Ole Kores together with another voter Benjamin Tipatet soon also refilled the case back to the courts seeking to have Lenku’s win nullified. This was the chronology of events that have led to the dismissal of the petition.


It is to be noted that the Taraiya Ole Kores or otherwise known as TOK participated in the Jubilee Party Primaries but lost the Primaries to Joseph Ole Lenku.


Soon after the shambolic Jubilee Primaries were concluded TOK led his brigades in petitioning Ole Lenku’s win to the Jubilee Party Secretariat seeking a repeat of the polls but the Jubilee Party would hear none of it and subsequently thrown out.


A bitter TOK who is believed to be a personal friend to President Uhur u Kenyatta and was at that time the Chairperson of the Kenya Meat Commission (KMC) posthumously decamped from the Jubilee Party and Joined Raila Odinga’s NASA outfit and joined forces with then Governor David Nkedianye to ensure that Ole Lenku is denied the Governors Seat while at the same time ensure that Uhuru Kenyatta does not clinch the presidency.


TOKs move to NASA earned him the sack and subsequent fall out with Uhuru Kenyatta.

However During the august 8th elections Joseph Ole Lenku emerged the winner in the polls and a shocked Nkedianye hurriedly filed a case at the Kajiado High Court challenging the election of Ole Lenku.


All this events reached a crescendo with the nullification of the August 8th Election by the supreme courts and that situation saw Jubilee make major inroads into Kajiado County in its attempts to woo leaders who had lost the election to its camp and among those who had were successfully wowed was Dr. David Nkedianye who was consequently promised a position in Government by President Uhuru in turn for supporting the Jubilee Party’s Agenda in Kajiado as the country headed towards the October 26th election.


Nkedianye’s joining NASA saw with to it that the subsequent withdrawals of the case challenging Ole Lenku’s win at the Kajiado High court. However it was not as easy as TOK soon after resubmitted the case back Kajiado High court and vowed to continue with it to full judgment.Ole Lenku will now complete his 5 years term.


The Governor has been described as gentle and calm but decisive and firm ant the same time.

This Character was seen when the Governor soon after overseeing the demolition of illegal structures and containers at the Kitengela Bus stage in early January casually sipped tea in one of the hotels at the stage soon after.

This was despite the fact that the structures demolished were worth millions of shillings.Kajiado Residents will now have to contend with the new Sherriff in town.


By Julius Musungu

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