By Kiptanui Rutto

Kenyan Vlogger and activist Samuel Okemwa who was arrested and detained recently in Tanzania has arrived back in the country after being released.

Activist Samwel Okemwa. Photo Courtesy

Reports reaching us indicate that Okemwa had been arrested last week on Monday afternoon by Tanzanian authorities at Kenya-Tanzanian border, Namanga, released on the same day before being re-arrested the following morning under unclear circumstances.

His passport seized and confiscating phone after a dramatic confrontation seen in a video also surfaced online.

Filming could be the reason of his arrest showing his arrest as Okemwa demanded to know what he had done wrong since he was on his way to hold an exclusive interview with Tanzanian gospel singer Rose Muhando. Efforts to reach him for comment was not fruitful.

Okemwa said in a Facebook post that he was released on Friday evening and was received by friends at the Namanga border.

He is the second journalist to be arrested in by a neighbouring country after Yasin Juma was arrested in Ethiopia in the beginning of July while covering protests in Ethiopia’s Orma region following the death of musician Hachalu Hundessa.

Currently, Tanzania is bracing for the general elections to be held on October, 28th to elect the President and National Assembly members.

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