A huge chunk of the 30 million shillings allocated for the Oloosirkon Sholinke Ward Development fund will go towards the repair and rehabilitation of roads after the public adopted the proposals to channel the funds to the various roads in the Budget and appropriations public participation forum held today at MPE Resort.

The well attended forum was led by Kajiado East Budget Committee Chair John Mwaura and Oloosirkon Sholinke and Kajiado County Minority Leader  MCA Francis Kesha who led hundreds of participants airing views of where the would want the money allocated to.

A section of the participants at the public participation forum held at the Mpe Hotel in Kitengela Town.


“We have deliberated on the way forward with the amount allocated and we have been able to agree on most proposals and we are optimistic that we will make sure that all the projects are implemented” Kaesha said.

Kajiado East County Budget Committee Chair John Mwaura also told the Kitengela Biznet that all contractors who conducted shoddy work during the previous jobs allocated to them have been blacklisted and removed from the role eligible contractors who will be able to work on the projects.

”We have conducted an inspection of the various works done by now we have blacklisted the contractors and struck them from the list of eligible contractors.” Mwaura Said.

Here is an Outline of how the where the money will go once approved by the Kajiado County assembly.

  • Kitengela Primary 4Million Shillings
  • Old Kajiado Road 2 Million Shillings
  • Namga Junction to prisons Road 2 Million shillings
  • Rangau Sholinke road-4 Million
  • NPC-Quarry-Catholic- 4 Million Shillings
  • Twala Town-2 million shillings
  • Jasho Road 2 million shillings
  • Ngapo-Sholinke-Quarry 3 million shillings
  • Kisemei-Kitaiya- 2 million shillings
  • Emakoko Bridge 1 million shillings
  • Floodlights 1 million
  • Kitengela ECDE Primary Toilet 1 million

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