Like many Pastoralist regions, Kajiado County badly needed a fair share of development after years of marginalization.

The county’s development was, to a large extent, affected by poor infrastructure, low education, cultural inhibitions,, clannism and negative ethnicity.

I quickly realized there can be no meaningful development in the rapidly growing County without utilizing one of our rarely appreciated resource; the power of diversity.

This is the reason I sought to unite all communities in the County so that we can start talking development as one family.

The creation of devolved units in 2010 and the eventual journey to implement them in 2013 heralded the beginning of more county based development projects.

One of the major influencers of my decision to run for office was the sorry state of neglect and under development which I witnessed in some remote villages in the county; yet we were several years into devolution.

My review of the first five years of devolution indicated we needed to change tact and design development projects that would have the desired impact on people’s lives.

Under my stewardship, Kajiado County has already started to experience a new way and style of doing things geared towards bringing a new standard of service delivery.

First, we have taken a keen interest on the four sectors identified by the National Government as priority areas in the next five years.

We find the sectors critical in advancing the overall transformational development that we envisage as a County.

Infrastructural development, food and livestock feed security, improved health care and trade and investments will improve our people’s quality of life.

We are determined to do fewer but bigger projects that change the overall landscape of our society. It was quite a disservice that we still have small projects scattered across many counties but whose economic value is very low.

Our sector briefs for this Devolution Conference are an indicator that we are on the fast lane towards reshaping our agenda to fit into the desires of our people.

We shall continue to seek national and international partnerships to enable us fast track our development as we create more jobs for our people.

The vision we have will be guided by our fidelity to the promise we gave to Kajiado residents.

We are aware the achievement of our goals calls for resource mobilization and implementation of austerity measures to ensure there is value for public funds.

Towards this end , we have put in place systems whose output will be a sharp rise in our local revenue in the coming years.

This conference gives counties a centralized platform where we can learn the best practices from our fellow devolved units.

I wish all the participants a productive engagement and hope everyone goes back home with something worth emulating.

Joseph Ole Lenku Kajiado Governor