The Kajiado County Budget will cost an approximately 8.4 Billion if all goes according to plan and the proposals on the county budget are adopted.

The Kajiado County Budget Director John Mwaura Njoroge told the Kitengelabiznet that they expect to receive 6.4 Billion from the National Government. And another additional 1.2 Billion from local Revenue collections and a further 346 Million shillings from grants from international aid partners and the proceeds would bring the budget to about 8.4 billion shillings.

“We have a rough estimates of what the final figure will look like but the process is still not finalized until all public participation forums are concluded and the report is tabled before the Kajiado County assembly and it’s approved and adopted” Njoroge said.

Njoroge broke down the expected expenditure as follows:

“35 % would go to Personnel emoluments, 35 % would go to Operation and Maintenance while 30 % of the Money would go to flagship projects from the executive and the Wards” Njoroge said.

Story: Caesar Musungu

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