By Kiptanui Rutto

Kenyans never forget! Since the Embakasi East MP Babu Owino Nairobi based Deejay in a club, the mystery of his release amid evidence and his controversial lifestyle, Kenyans are always on his neck.

A picture posted by Hon. Babu Owino claiming that he is the future of Kenya. Photo Courtesy

His post on Social Media elicit mixed reaction many criticizing him of trying to show his good life while others are suffering from his doings.

In a post “I am the future of the great Republic of Kenya,” accompanied by a beautiful picture in office was pounded with comments most of it condemning him of his evil acts.

Vane Kemunto wondered: “Did Babu Owino just declare himself the future of Kenya? He will shoot all the men then keep the finest women to himself like King Solomon’s 300 concubines,” accompanying it with photos of him with girls and a gun.

Babu Owino with some beautiful girls. Photo Courtesy

Sharon Mwangi wrote, “It’s so sad that DJ Evolve can’t imagine his future the same way you can since you SHOT HIM IN THE NECK and left him paralyzed.” Gishuvki said well-educated but instead of aiming for the stars you aimed at DJ Evolve’s neck.

On a contrary opinion, Aleckie Ronald stated that Babu has mastered the art of annoying guys saying he think he enjoys every time he is reminded about DJ Evolve.

However, Ogari Mtetezi came to his defence accusing those insulting him as DP Ruto’s suppoters. He said: “I hereby defend Babu Owino against the numerous insults he is going through from DP Ruto’s supporters. Even after DJ Evolve forgave him, Ruto gang believe in the power of forgiveness but wants Babu Owino arrested, whether you abuse Babu or not, he will retain his seat in 2022.

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