By Kiptanui Rutto

When Kajiado County is said to be Nairobi’s Bedroom, many people wonder. Some ask many questions as to how? Why?

Kajiado County is one of the counties boasting of Kenya’s rich economy with tourism sector, investment, minerals and culture.

Ngong Hills, Mt. Kilimanjaro, Lake Magadi among other natural features tells the beauty of the county which has attracted several tertiary institutions including UMMA University, Management University of Africa (MUA) to mention but a few.

Mt. Kilimanjaro as seen from Kajiado’s side. Photo Courtesy

Other investors are rushing to secure a space, Kitengela Glass, Sigma Feeds, Bamburi Cement, Blue Triangle, Export Processing Zone (EPZ), Flower farms and now the current trend of homes and apartments. Below are the top seven reasons the county is considered Nairobi’s Bedroom.

  1. Palatial Homes and apartments of the who is who in government

Deputy President Dr. William Ruto, COTU Chairman Francis Atwoli, Former Cabinet secretary Francis Muthaura and Governor Anne Mumbi Waiganjo, Politician Martha Karua, Othaya MP Mary Wambui, Citizen Radio Host Fred Obachi among others are said to have invested in Kajiado County. The DP is rumoured to be associated with Osere Flats in Ongata Rongai while Atwoli boasts of a palatial home along Kajiado-Namanga road. Muthaura resides in Rimpa and Governor Waiganjo is associated with a State-of-the-art apartment in Kitengela near Pola Preparatory. Karua and Wamboi are said to own flats around Exciting-Rongai while Radio personality owns Fred Ranch in Kitengela. A good number of the home owners in urban areas work or do businesses in Nairobi County.

  1. Ever growing traffic jam along Mombasa, Magadi and Ngong roads

When you tune to the radio every morning or evening hours you will hear traffic updates along roads heading to the cit

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y in the Sun. More often, Mombasa, Magadi and Ngong roads are nightmares due to the big population residing in the County. Most of them are Middle Class who drive to their businesses while others board the large number of Matatus plying the routes.

  1. Affordable housing

Affordable residential houses have seen many people preferring to live in Kajiado. You will find Single rooms ranging from KSh2,500 to KSh4,000, Bed sitters KSh4,000 to KSh8,000, One-bedroom at KSh6,000 to KSh15,000 while Two Bedrooms and Own compound at KSh10,000 to KSh30,000. Others who travelled to the city from upcountry prefer to sleep in hotels in Kajiado due to high cost in Nairobi. To mention but a few, Kaputiei Safari Hotel, The Smith Rongai, Maasai Lodge, Berra Inn Ngong have played host to the visitors.

  1. Available land and space

Kajiado has large space for expansion compared to Kiambu and other neighbouring counties. This gives the residents and investors a better future for expansions. Currently, the towns are growing daily giving Kitengela room to join Isinya, Rongai growing towards Rimpa and Kiserian while Ngong moving towards Karen. Those practising farming have enough space to till and rear animals.

  1. Security

Good security is a big influence to the masses staying here. The area enjoys the good services of the Police Service and the friendly Maasai community who are the original habitants of the County.

  1. Learning Institutions

Top performing schools and other learning institutions around the county also has given many reasons to live in Kajiado. UMMA, MUA, The Methodist universities among others. Kitengela Ebenezer Junior, Sunrise of Africa, Kiuini Preparatory, Anthena School, Ongata Academy, Olerai Schools among others post exemplary performance.

UMMA University Administration complex. Photo Courtesy
  1. Affordable food

Fresh food from the farms in Kajiado and neigbouring counties is another reason Kenyans in Nairobi would tell you why they chose to reside in Kajiado. The food is available and above all, it is affordable. Not to say the sweet Nyama Choma in Kitengela, Rongai and Kiserian that pulls the crowds over the weekends. The picnic sites, hotels and bars for the revellers and those who love the finer things of life.

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