Kenya Wildlife Service (KWS) on Monday captured three marauding elephants at Enkamuriaki, Kitengela area that had terrorized residents for three days.

The three male jumbos had strayed from the Masai Mara National Game Reserve, wandering off into human settlement areas.

According to KWS Assistant Director Kenana Lekishon, the delay in capturing the elephants was occasioned by the poor terrain in Kitengela.

Lekishon said one of the elephants had an identification collar that KWS used to track the animals to ensure that they did not pose any danger to people.

“We have traced the jumbos and our officers kept vigil all along to ensure the safety of residents. Our officers spent day and night on the ground,” said Lekishon.

The KWS official lauded residents for exercising patience while waiting for the stray animals to be captured and taken back to their game reserve.

The three adult jumbos were darted in an exercise that took 45 minutes with hundreds of residents turning up to witness their capture.

The three were loaded onto trucks and ferried back to Masai Mara

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