By Kiptanui Rutto.

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina was recently roasted on Twitter for blindly defending ODM leader Raila Odinga.

Narok Senator Ledama Olekina

Former Statehouse Communication and Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi had posted with a hash tag (#SystemYaFacts) that the former Prime Minister had flew to Abu Dhabi accompanied by his daughter and a renowned Neurosurgeon in which Senator Ledama replied quickly in defence.

He wrote: “Nonsense why the hell are you lying to Kenyans? Please take a chill pill. Raila Odinga is doing well and attending to his official duties wacha fitina boss!”

Today, Itumbi posted asking Ledama to give him a he-goat as a fair settlement as apology.

Kenyans were quick to roast the senator. Volume Max said not at all sir. Moja ni underquoting. Kama kumi hivi. The Senator is a generous gentleman. President of Rongai said he should since that is what sycophants do, defending without confirmation. #MoranWithouSpear bure kabisa.

Kelvin Muriuki said: “Ledama was only doing his part. Junet Mohammed said they follow Raila like cows. Ledama being a Maasai who own cows knows how to do the following best. Forgive him Itumbi, an independent mind like you is too much for a person who follows other people like cows.

Joshua Ambuka while taking a jibe on Junet earlier comments said I agree with you brother for 100% am not a ‘cow’. Felix Tayerb said if a leader like this can lie to himself what of the people he’s leading, senator just stick to what you are good at and let people like Itumbi news feed you.

Amedo Shair said the problem with this Maasai worrior is he uses only a traditional comb as a weapon! Tariran Shaddy said Mi napatanga habari ya ukweli kwa Itumbi, alafu mwingine hapa Narok ametoka kujunga ng’ombe na kiherere yake anakuja na fitina, kwenda uko. Chemuh Proud Kenyan said Ledama ni debe ingine ya Raila tu. Doing nothing for the Maa Community!

Itumbi himself was not left out as David Maina took on him. He said: “You have serious mental and moral depravity if you think revealing someone’s health issues which are private is an accomplishment. I now think you should seek psychiatric help. You are losing it fast. But Mkenya Daima came to his rescue saying Raila is a public figure and now Itumbi was right all along.

The former PM had posted on his Facebook account that he is in Democratic Republic of Congo. A source indicates that the highly publicised Covid-19 results were meant to prepare him for the travel.

Reports from the family spokesperson Dr. Oburu Odinga said Raila was admitted to German hospital in the United Arabs Emirates for a minor operation on the back. However, the former PM has jetted back to the country and he is improving.

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