By Kiptanui Rutto

Kitengela and other towns around Nairobi and Kenya at large are in dynamic growth with tall buildings emerging from residential to business skyscrapers.

A few of these buildings have lifts that is okey, many others end up having narrow stairways which even make it hard to take furniture to the top floors. Does it mean the constructors do not consider this, is it costly or it is just a mere carelessness? Construction expert with over 40 years of experience Mzee Muthusi Mainge asks.

Eng. Muthusi Mainge

Mainge, who is based in Mlolongo wondered if the investors do not worry of narrow stairways, what about our brothers and sisters living with disabilities?

People Living with Disabilities (PLWDs) have a special place not only in our families but also in society. They never chose to be like that but it is nature and even those upright may end up disabled due to other misfortunes. Today you sleep in upper room, tomorrow maybe because of accident you sleep on the ground floor and you have money. Nonetheless, disability is not inability.

Mzee Mainge, while speaking to this journalist in an interview said National Construction agency and the Parliament should put in place a policy to take care of the PLWDs.

“We have PLWDs in parliaments who represent the entire country, don’t they face these challenges or they are special aids to take care of it?” he posed.


Some Kitengela buildings, most of them have narrow stairways and no lifts. Photo/ Kiptanui Rutto

He said during his early career, he got an opportunity to repair some classes in a special school in Naromoru. Mainge said the school was under one Bishop Gatimu and it catered for PLWDs and most of them could not walk. To accommodate them, he had to device special stairways that wheelchairs could use.

“The school had pride children, they were doing well and I believe right now, they are working in some offices, do they comfortably access upper floors? Do they all stay in ground floors? Am asking this because I know they are educated and they should have worked hard to see other PLWDs get good services like they got back then in school,” Mainge noted.

The construction expert who now specializes on building and water pipelines repair called on leaders including Kajiado Woman MP Janet Marania Teyiaa and the vocal Narok MP David ole Sankok to consider tabling the motion to compel investors to consider the PLWDs while putting up storey buildings.

On plumbing, he said buildings including big hotels with over 40 years need fully pipe system and tanks replacement since those structures also get old.

To reach him call 0772 728 025

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