Eng. Muthusi Mainge
By Muthusi Mainge
As a Kenyan, I would be glad if our country would work like the Unites States of America.
From this perspective, our major three cities of Nairobi, Mombasa and Kisumu should be headed by Mayors, my wish those working in the US now. We would have done something important.
We should also ensure quick responds to disasters and hard times just like Americans. And that is why if we choose someone, like an American to govern us, they will respect us because we gave them a chance to help us reengineer our country.
Barack Obama proved to be one of the best US presidents and the first Kenyan-American. If it were possible we would have him also vie for the top job in Kenya. That would be a record and more so a big stride to our country. The economy will rise, corruption will be something of the past and unity across the country will thrive.
In Australia, we have a Kenya born Senator and other leaders across the country that shows our country is among the best brains in the world. We are able to do what other people could not even think of. And the best remedy is for us to emulate the US by adjusting to fit its constitution. Mayors will have our towns bouncing back to economic levity and corruption will not survive.
I love how the US handles issues and if that will be imported to our country, we will be the next super power. Since we do not have that knowledge, we can import some leaders just like how we imported the Cuban doctors to teach us how to be smart since the Obamas learned from them and boom! They shot to top jobs.
A friend in need is the neighbor who responds faster when needed. So that is why I choose America the best neighbor since when anything happens in Kenya, the US responds faster than other states.
When Kenyan stands and people in that country chooses this types of leaders knowing very well they are not of their country. America will stand with Kenyans when emergency arises and still chooses a Kenyan like Obama to rule them.
Muthusi Mainge is a Constructor based in Mlolongo, to reach him call 0710279757 OR 0772728025
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