By Julius Musungu

Kajiado County has experienced unprecedented population growth, necessitating a spatial plan to manage the land resource effectively.

The Spatial Plan will transform our urban planning so that land for agricultural use and livestock rearing remains so, and land use will be the upgrade of the road network to enhance transport in the county.

Upgrading our roads to bitumen standards, especially in the urban centers, is underway even as we work with National Government agencies to connect the sub counties with tarmac roads.

Ongata Rongai Market Road, whose construction has started, is first in our new programme to upgrade roads to bitumen. Easing traffic in our towns is Vital. For instance, Gataka-Cooperative College of Kenya and Maasai Lodge Rimpa Road are earmarked for tarmacking to decongest Rongai and Kiserian Towns.

In Kitengela Town,Kitengela Junction Prisons Roads is currently under construction and on completion a new parking bay is expected to serve the residents of kitengela ad to ease congestion at the Kitengela Junction.

At the same time the the Kenya National Highways Authority is currently undertaking the dualing of the Nairobi-Namanga Highway and upon its completion it is expected to increase the economic  potential of the county.

A road under construction

Together with KURA, the County Government will begin construction of five link roads in Kajiado Town to connect the town with the upcoming ultra-Modern county headquarters.

In the last 5 years, at least 1,410km of roads have been graded. In Kajiado East, together with KENHA, the 10km Kitengela Acacia-Bypass will be built on both sides of the Namanga-Nairobi Highway. In the same area, the crucial 7km Oloika- Matali Road is now rehabilitated.

To be more economically viable, the department has resolved to construct all-weather roads that link two or more centers or cuts across wards.

Our flagship roads in this category are:The Najile-Eremit-Oltinga-Nyoonyorie-Elangata-Wuas-Oltepesi up to Torosei along the Kenyan –Tanzania border,the Meto-Inkiito-llpartimaro-Ngattataek-Mailwa-Eselenkei-Mbilikani-Kibini-Sultan Hamud road:and the inkilonito-Maili Tisa-Mailwa-Motoroki-Lenkisim-Merrueshi-inkirinyet-Simba road.

Bridges to be constructedare the Oldepe Bridge in Mosiro Ward,Eseki in Matapato North,Olkeria in Birikani/Eselenkei,Kilo Bridge in imaroro and 5th Avenue Rongai are among bridges that are marked for construction or rehabilitation.

The statement says that to facilitate a faster process of implementing construction projects, we have factored in our CIDP the purchase of additional machinery such as graders, excavators, tippers and a roller.



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