By Philip Dacho

A strong feeling of trepidation overwhelms me whenever I think of the self-styled hustler’s visit to Africa’s Europe, Kisumu.

DP William Ruto and Former PM Raila Odinga, both could be battling out for the top job.

His visit to Kitengela was greeted with prodigious pleasure and Kisii was not a walk in the park.

Be it known to him that no amount of financial allure can mollify the lake region residents into believing that his presidential ambition is genuinely informed!

The ‘derogatory’ remarks he has always directed at the Luo political kingpin, if reiterated during his visit, will only exacerbate the disgust residents of that region already have for him. Such utterances will be tantamount to playing with a crocodile’s tail and expecting no consequences!

The incorrigibly fractious youth from the blessed city, as I know them, will hardly sit back and watch as the nation’s deputy president ‘without portfolio’ makes his usual provocative remarks like the “Uganga wa tibim na uchawi wa tialala”, that we heard enough of in the last elections!

The ‘hustler nation’ slogan that he has lately coined, I dare say, can only resonate well with gullible Kenyans without clear history of his tendency to mismanage public funds.  Wazee hukumbuka!

Dacho is a self-proclaimed advocate of the real hustlers

2 thoughts on “Opinion: What it means for DP Ruto to visit Kisumu

  1. Zack says:

    Splendid writing albeit leaning too far afaunst thr self prockaimed hustler. The youth of tge so called blessed region are relooking at the age old loyalties of the seniors and are doubting them…somewhat

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