According to research done through sampling by ENKESENI:

1.Most handsome men are from Kekonyokie
2. Most spendthrift guys are from Kitengela
3. Most rude guys are from Sultan
4.American heights are from Irkisongo
5.Most educated guys are from Kaputiei
6. Most guys with a nice and attractive beard are from Ildamat
7.guys who are good in eramatare are from Emali
8. Guys with Maasai ascent are mostly Irpurko
9.Romantic guys are from Oloitoktok
10. Machali maplayer ajabu are from Isinya
11. Most calm guys are from Kajiado
12. Guys with sexy eyes are from Kiserian
13. Guys who marry at late age of up to 35 are from Ngong but wise
14. Most alcoholic guys are from Lodo Kilani
15. Most calm men are from Mashuuru/ Maroro
16.Guys with no business ideas are from Olooloitikoshi
17 Most guys who are poor in relationship are from Magadi
18.Most guys with a kipara are from Poka
19.Most single men are from Namanga na hawajui kukatia dem kunaendanga aje
20.Guys with no financial plans for the future though have capital are from Kisaju

By Enkeseni

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