By Julius Musungu

The water and sewage system in Kitengela and its environs is a time bomb if it goes unchecked.

Eng. Muthusi Mainge

According to the construction expert Mzee Muthusi Mainge, the system has been affected by developers who are bribing government officials to look the other side especially when it comes to construction and it has generally led to sewage being spewed all over in Kitengela and Mlolongo.

The construction expert, who is based in Mlolongo said that septic tanks are mandatory for every building that is being set up anywhere in the country but around here, the story is different.

“The big problem is that the approvals are done by the counties and such allocation for the septic tank is a must, however, it is not done leading to constructions that do not allocate money for it,” Muthusi who also deal with water supply, land sale and roads construction noted.

Muthusi, who has been in the industry for over 30 years said the fact is that there is no sewerage system and the government has even allocate special vehicles for such projects. This has made landlords to wait for the rains before they release sewage to unsuspecting roads and household but it ends up affecting their health.

However, he confides that big influential people own the land and the houses recommending huge fine to be imposed on those found culpable of willingly disposing of sewage.

A spot check reveals that many houses in Kitengela lack septic tanks and the spillage has caused many houses to be abandoned.

“A simple fault can make a person move out of his house,” the expert opined.

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