Virtual Marketplace operator Jumia has partnered with payments technology firm MasterCard to offer customers a 10 percent discount when they buy goods and pay via cashless platforms.

The Jumia-MasterCard partnership,which benefits shoppers in Kenya,Nigeria,Egypt,Coted’voire and Ghana is aimed at preventing new COVID19 infections via handling of currency notes.


Less human to human contact will ride on  Master cards digital platform,which facilitates use of bank cards to settle payments.


MasterCard Sub Saharan Africa President Raghav Prasad said the partnership is aimed at enabling a cashless payment system on remote platforms where Jumia agents will deliver goods to homes and offices while payments will be settled without contact or by swiping cards on point of sale machines.

Jumia CEO Sam Chappatte said their partnership with MasterCard bolstered their measures to keep customers away from harm’s way.

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