By Julius Musungu


Communities in Kajiado county have come together to launch a bold initiative dubbed Funga Miguu Initiative aimed at curbing the rising cases of teenage pregnancies in the county.

In an event held yesterday in Kajiado south over 200 girls were sensitized on the dangers of early sex and the effects of early pregnancies on their socio-economic status. During the event, it was noted that the situation is a crisis in the region that needs to be seriously checked.

According to Children’s officer Eva Melly, there have been 192 reported cases of early pregnancies in the region.

“We have had 192 cases, with 2 cases in Isinya,56 cases in Kajido West,38 cases in Kajiado South and 62 cases in loitoktok” Melly .said

Letoire Residents/Photo Kajiado Deputy Governors Press

Also speaking at the event activist Dorcas Parit heaped blame on parents of the schoolgirls saying that they had neglected their duty of taking care of the children as they had left it in the hands of the teachers.

“We had left the responsibility to teachers of teaching and educating our girls on the dangers of early sex and now due to the COVID 19 pandemic the situation is now in our hands and we have to take care of the girls ourselves,” Parit said.

The girls also received reusable sanitary pads from participating NGOs as well as face masks and received basic education training on the goodness of avoiding early sex.

2 thoughts on “‘Funga Miguu’ Anti- Teenage Pregnancy Initiative Launched in Kajiado

  1. Cynthia Wangechi says:

    I wonder why the can’t bring an initiative tittled funga zip for the boys! Why is it always girls who are blamed for pregnancy as if males were not involved? Plus that name in itself is just a whole problem!

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