By Terry Mbata

South African President Cyril Ramaphosa on Sunday announced a ban on the sale and distribution of alcohol as a measure to attempt to curb the surge of the Coronavirus cases.

In a televised address, Mr Ramaphosa indicated that infections were rising at a rate of 500 per hour and with over 245,000 positively testing for the virus and about 12,000 cases being reported daily.  The country has so far lost 4,079 to the scourge and her health experts have predicted that there will be over 50,000 deaths by December. Macabrely, the government has already dug 36000 graves in preparation for this.

“This is a fight to save every life, and we need to save every bed. We have therefore decided that in order to conserve hospital capacity, the sale, dispensing and distribution of alcohol will be suspended with immediate effect.

“There is now clear evidence that resumption of alcohol sale has resulted in substantial pressure being put on hospitals, including trauma and ICU units, due to motor vehicle accidents, violence and related trauma”

Truth be said, South Africans love their drink, mirthfully named Umqombothi (Pictured). The drink could be equivalent to our own traditional beer Busaa. Umqombothi is however more potent and tied to the warring personality of the South African communities, a good Umqombothi drinking must end in a good fight.  Most hospitals are therefore filled to capacity in the weekends following steady Umqombothi drinking binges.

In Kenya, It can be said that weekend drinking is a pastime and as the country reports of a spike in the virus figures, we are left wondering if the authorities may consider putting a ban to our national pastime? How are we going to take it?  To survive it?

Think about it.

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