A senior manager with a leading bank has nowhere to hide after poor cooking skills were exposed as a result of the COVID 19 pandemic.

The woman left her guests bewildered after her trip to the village in the company of her colleagues when it was discovered that the lady does not know her way around the kitchen after she failed a simple test of preparing ugali and sukuma.

A Top notch bank manager

She is said to have prepared “ugali mbichi for her guests”.A disappointed aunt wondered aloud how such a learned woman could not prepare a decent ugali for her guests.

“Anapikiaje wageni ugali mbichi na vile amesoma.Ndio maana bwanake amekonda”She ranted on her social media page exposing the woman to public


The bank manager apologized to her kith and kin of the visibly embarasses husban and pledged to go back to class and learn how to cook Ugali.

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