There are varieties of girls’ shoes in the market; heels, wedges, flats, sneakers, open, buckled, closed and tip-toes shoes and girl’s shoes are the most selling brands in the market. Girls can never resist the desire and lust for shoes and this is the reason why they own variety of shoes. No harm can come to the girls even if they wear the same pair of shoe their whole lives but they may not glow inside just like they do when they wear the shoes for the first time. In most cases, girls would want to match their clothes and handbags with their shoes.

High heels tend to bring out the curvy posture in a lady and make them become taller. Nothing makes a lady happy like a beautiful shape. Every pair of shoe that a girl wears reflects the occasion and the mood for the day. Flat shoes are mostly won by teenage girls and college girls, it is to tell someone that “I woke up like this” meaning the girl is in her normal self in most cases, stilettos are worn by boss ladies who most of the time usually mean business whereas high heels especially the boots that are usually past the knee are for the tough girls who usually declare themselves as ‘strong and independent’. Some women do not even wear shoes because they like them but because of how they are made. Let’s take Lady Gaga for instance; she is one girl who is crazy for unique fashion and most of her shoes are practically unwearable in real life.

They say that a beautiful shoe defines a girl’s social status, I would totally agree with that, some shoes especially the high heels seem to bring some sexiness in a lady and this brings about high self-esteem and self-confidence which enables a lady to put on a very beautiful smile. A lady is not fully dressed without a smile and who can resist a smile from a well-dressed confident woman with very nice shoes? I wouldn’t. Rumor has it that men tend to obtain sexual arousal just from looking at some of the beautiful sculptures of the ladies shoes sometimes even when the shoes are still in the stores and no lady has worn them.

Every girl fantasizes about shoes every other day. Some girls say that there is a force inside them that drives them to the shoe stores as soon as their bank accounts are loaded; they say that there is a hormone responsible for the urge and it’s something they can’t resist just like a life passage. It’s like something closes their eyes such that all they can see are shoe stores, shoe markets, and shoe parlors. But everything has consequences right? Even buying shoes has consequences such as impulse buying, feeling very guilty and fighting especially for the men who are unlucky enough to share bank accounts with their ladies. Unfortunately, ladies never regret buying shoes as long as every time they open their closets, the shoes are right there beautiful like real art sculptures in museums and the knowledge that they will keep the shoes for a very long time makes them feel good.

Ladies believe that the shoes they wear define them. The types of shoes they wear mark their confidence. It gives them a sense of beauty. It acts as the message that they convey to the world. The fun part about this is that they can change this every other day, unlike their hair which is perfectly made mostly for special occasions. Girls and shoes are inseparable.

Story by Terry Mbata





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