By Kiptanui Rutto

Kajiado County and the country in general has been hit by the Coronavirus pandemic. The government, political leaders, Non-Govermental Organizations and other well-wishers are rushing to check on the less fortunate in the society not ignoring the girl-child.

In Kajiado and other pastoral community region has seen the rise in girl-child abuse but also the boy-child is in the verge of being forgotten.

In Nairobi, over 70 families in Makina area of Kibra received food items while a few girls benefit from sanitary towels from Poweron Ministry.

Some of the girls who benefited from Poweron Ministry sanitary towels donation. Photo/ Kiptanui Rutto

Led by its coordinator Dr. Fred Macharia and the host Reverend Andrew Ogembo of Free Pentecostal Church of Kenya, Makina and other members of Poweron Ministry, the event took place with a series of facilitators who fed the families with the gospel and words of encouragement before the donation.

While speaking to this writer after the function, the chief guest of the day Dr. Harrison Mburu said they expect the food to last the families for over three days.

Dr. Mburu who preached during the function at FPK church encouraged the families from the book of Matthew Chapter 5 verse 13 saying everyone is like the salt, they add taste to the world through good deeds, heals the world in case of misunderstanding and they can preserve it just like salt being used to preserve food.

“Just like salt does to the food, we are the salt to the world. When we come together, God will bless us and as it is written on that Poweron Ministry banner, no one has ever become poor by giving, we will lead a good life if we do,” he added.

Poweron Ministry team led by Dr. Fred Macharia (2nd left). Photo/ Kiptanui Rutto

On the other hand, Reverend Ogembo said the novel Coronavirus has greatly contributed to the bad economy affecting the vulnerable families not only in Kibra but across the world. He called on the government and other well-wishers to come together and share what they can to help sustain the families.

“As the government and other partners of our church have done before, let us do it regularly. We welcome you to help these families because they need you,” he said adding that they not only need food but also guiding and counselling and teachings on how to lead a good life.

Dr. Macharia said Poweron Ministry aims at helping vulnerable families across the country. He calls on Kenyans to share what they have with their less fortunate neighbours and avoid depend

ing much on international aid.

“We can do it by ourselves, God has blessed us and by sharing the little that we have will help our friends much better than just waiting for another person from outside our cou

ntry to come help us. We welcome them, but let us encourage ourselves and do it and God will reward us,” Dr. Macharia said.

Other facilitators had an opportunity to teach girls on menstrual hygiene. Girl-child is always at risk as it is on the record that many girls, especially in the slums and rural areas miss school due to lack of facilities to aid during menstruation period.

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