Talk about making money online. Many youths have been trying to manoeuvre their way through for the many online opportunities to earn a living but it has been though.

TikTok Celebrity Azziad Nasenya seems to have grabbed the opportunity to the surprise of many. She now boasts of an impressive rate card if she shares your product on her social media pages.

The sensational rate card said to have leaked left many talking on social media rates between KSh50,000 to KSh500,000. According to Azziad’s card, a person or company will have to part with KSh 100,000 for a single post on Facebook, Tik Tok and Instagram. Whereas some were praising her hard work, others criticized saying she was asking for too much money that they felt was not deserved.

Below is her impressive rate card.

Azziad Nasenyas rate card

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