Kajiado County boasts of several top educational institutions, UMMA University is one of them. Here are the most Interesting facts about the famous university.

UMMA University

Did you know that?

  1. Umma University held a successful virtual graduation ceremony at its main campus in Kajiado county on 30 June 2020, a third university to do so after Dedan Kimathi and Riara Universities…
  2. Umma university has adopted digital learning through online remote teaching which is a very big step as a new and upcoming university.
  3. Even though the university could not progress with the examination for January to April trimester due to measures put in place by the Government, they, managed to continue with the May to August trimester remotely and made learning a success despite the COVID 19 restrictions.
  4. Umma University is the first chattered Islamic institution for higher education in Kenya and its thriving by blending Islamic with secular knowledge.
  5. The University is celebrating its third graduation ceremony as a university.
  6. It started as Thika College for Sharia and Islamic Studies in 1997 which later gave birth to Umma University in 2013 and was later awarded a charter in October 2019.
    UMMA University Administration Block.
  7. It is one of the universities that has taken the initiative by forming a Covid-19 response team through sharing daily Covid-19 updates and providing support in terms of education on the preventive measures against the pandemic.
  8. The university developed an initiative called the Umma University Student Support Program that offers scholarships, financial aid, and interest-free loans to the poor, needy, and marginalized students.
  9. This signatory agreement with the Direct Aid International and Africa Education development trust has benefited 454 beneficiaries in 2020.
    Uhuru grants charter to Umma University in 2019.

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