Kenya is predicting a drop by at least 30 percent of its exports to the East African Markets as the public Health Measures adopted in the wake of the Covid 19 Outbreak slow Cross Border trade.

Kenya which exported 140 Billion shillings worth of Merchandise to the five EAC markets last year is particularly concerned about huge numbers of truck drivers testing positive for Covid 19 on its borders with Uganda and Tanzania.

Uganda and Tanzania remained the leading destinations of Kenyan goods accounting for Ksh 64 Billion and 33 billion of Kenya’s exports to the EAC respectively.

East Africa Community Heads during a past regional conference . Photo:Courtesy

“We believe that with current delays at the border points,trade volumes will fall by at least 30 percent this year”EAC CS Adan Mohammed told Citizen TV.

“Trucks that normally take 3 days to move from Mombasa to Kampala now take 8 days.If this continues for up to 6 months,the drastic measures will affect the demand side as well”.Mohammed said.

In a video conference held last week President Kenyatta,Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni and Salva Kiir South Sudan agreed to adopt a harmonized system for certification and sharing Covid 19 Test results.

Albeit Tanzania and Burundi are not observing the regional public Health measures.

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